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Partnering with Morrisons to bring Revolution Laundry to Morrisons customers

ME Group UK partners with Morrisons in landmark collaboration to bring the laundry revolution to over 100 Morrisons sites

Recognising the shared customer base between Morrisons and Revolution Laundry, ME Group UK and Morrisons teamed up to bring easy automation to customers.

After evaluating the competition in the landscape, Morrisons saw the need to diversify and plus the shopping experiences of their customers. They reached out to ME Group to find ways to innovate their offering - and we delivered by providing a suite of self-service vending to their stores. So far Morrisons have collaborated with ME Group UK to bring Revolution Laundry to 25+ stores, with a further rollout for tens more machines planned throughout 2023. The simple installation process and smooth logistics provided by ME allows Morrisons to scale up swiftly and synergise across their full portfolio.


Morrisons have seen the benefit in providing all three key service areas of the ME Group UK portfolio; Photo.ME by Photo-Me, Amuse.ME by Amuse.Me (Formerly Jolly Roger), and Wash.ME by Revolution Laundry. The portfolio allows for basic customer needs to be met by easy, well-designed, self-service vending.

Revolution Laundry installation at Morrisons Lemmington Spa, September 2022
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