Since 1994 Amuse.Me has inspired kids to dream by creating iconic rides manufactured in the UK -such as the Spydero sports car, Cutie Cars and Illumination Entertainment’s Minions™.

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The UK's leading children’s ride brand

To you, it may be just a kiddie ride. For your little one, it's a race against the clock. It’s a joyride with the Minions™. A merry trot around the carousel. A recycling mission with Eco Freddy. A moment of pure amusement in a world only kids can imagine.
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Amuse.Me at the Holiday Park and Resorts show 2022

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Did you know?

Amuse.Me rides are exported internationally to clients such as Chuck E. Cheese in the US.

We have over 1,400 children’s rides across the UK.

All Amuse.Me rides are manufactured in the UK.

Brand Stories

In this brand story, we explore the creativity that brings our rides to children everywhere.

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Kid's rides Technical specifications
  • Average ride size: 1550mm (L), 1000(W), 1200mm (H)
  • Average ride weight: 130kg
  • All rides conform to UK safety standards and follow Amusement Devices Inspection Procedure System (ADIPS) guidelines.
Amuse.Me own and operate 70% of all stationary kid's rides in the UK
  • There are 1,400 Amuse.ME kid’s rides across the UK.
  • Amuse.Me (previously known as Jolly Roger) dominate the UK as the premier kid's ride manufacturers. Read more about the brand.
  • All Amuse.Me rides are manufactured in Britain.
  • 930,000 transactions are made per year across the Amuse.Me machine park in the UK.
Machine requirements
  • DEAD SPACE to fit the kid's ride. We recommend placing multiple machines and rotating machine placement regularly to avoid fatiguing repeat audiences.
  • SINGLE PHASE ELECTRICITY is all that is needed to supply power to a kid's ride.
  • HIGH FOOTFALL we expect all children's rides to be in close proximity to high footfall (e.g. shopping centres, supermarkets, community spaces).
What we look for in a site to ensure it is successful
Every potential site undergoes a rigorous site survey process undertaken by our BDMs and engineers. Surveys are reviewed by a senior panel to ensure that every site we partner with has high revenue potential.

When we review a site, we consider local demographics and their earning power, local amenities, if the population is stable or transient, and the population’s proximity to the proposed site of the vending unit.
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