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Get to know Amuse.Me - The nation’s children’s rides making big fun for little me

All there is to know about Amuse.Me, formerly known as Jolly Roger.

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

The Market

With 70% of children’s rides found in shopping malls under the Amuse.Me brand, it shouldn’t be hard for customers to find any of the 1400 Amuse.Me children’s rides. Amuse.Me is the leading coin-operated (as well as leading contactless) children’s ride brand in the UK; and has been providing affordable, safe and convenient enjoyment for kids for over 30 years.

For site owners that partner, Amuse.Me machines are installed free of charge as part of a profit-share agreement. Ongoing maintenance is carefully managed by our expert team of engineers; providing site owners peace of mind while they generate passive income and increase footfall.

Our service

To you, it may be just a kiddie ride. For your little one, it's a race against the clock. It’s a joyride with the Minions™. A merry trot around the carousel. A recycling mission with Eco Freddy. A moment of pure amusement in a world only kids can imagine.

The durable self-coloured fibreglass Amuse.Me rides are crafted from, and the smooth gloss finish they’re known for, ensures safe entertainment for little ones. Interactive rides include flashing LED lights, light engine sounds and pivot-based movements. The simple plug and play system machine can work in many locations; and with no install costs, it is a highly affordable and incredibly fun solution for retail spaces that may benefit from an increase in footfall.

Brand Achievements

930,000 journeys into imagination are taken on Amuse.Me rides every year. In 2023, Amuse.Me plans to enrich its roster with more recognisable character rides. Further investment will see kid’s zones featuring a variety of Amuse.Me rides popping up around the UK.


Amuse.Me was recently featured in MailOnline's campaign, ‘101 Easy Ways to Save on the Cost of Living’. As part of the feature, a buy one ride get one free offer was implemented across the full machine park to assist parents and guardians in entertaining their little ones over the holiday period.

Bringing big fun to little me across the world

Did you know?

All Amuse.Me rides are manufactured in the UK.

Brand Values

For over 30 years, the children’s rides industry has become deeply interwoven with Amuse.Me. With child protection of the utmost importance, each ride is carefully inspected during the survey and installation process and follows the standards set by the British Amusement Catering Trades Association (BACTA) and the Amusement Devices Inspection Procedure System (ADIPS).

The joy inspired by Amuse.Me rides is what encourages us to innovate and continue to introduce simple, self-service, contactless machines that keep the kids amused and the adults happy.

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