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ME Group’s innovative outdoor launderette: Designed to spearhead a laundry revolution in Europe

Revolution Laundry launched in the UK in 2017

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

The Market

Washing machines have come a long way since the automatic washers of the 18th century. Evolving from the humble everyday household appliance, Revolution Laundry is redefining the laundry experience. As of 2020, there are less than 600 launderettes throughout the entirety of the UK. Answering the market’s ongoing need for convenience and control over washing larger bulks and bigger items, Revolution Laundry is the only laundry service that is able to put the power of washing back in the customer’s hands.

Our service

Revolution machines offer rapid solutions for customers on the go, delivering consistently perfect washes through its 9kg and 20kg drums; perfect for clothes, duvets and cushions. Every machine provides eco-friendly solutions through optional solar panels, automatic light sensors that turn off and on depending on customer vicinity, and free eco-friendly detergent included in each wash. As well as washing, the dryer provides options for your laundry depending on temperature and material type.

Aligned with the company’s wider mission of Making Easy work of everyday tasks, Revolution Laundry machines are designed to automate as much of the process as possible. If a customer leaves their laundry unattended, the machine will remain locked until the time has elapsed. A free of charge text reminder is also sent to the customer’s device a few minutes before the wash has finished, and payments are easier than ever with machines now accepting contactless payment.

For site owners that partner with ME, Revolution machines are installed free of charge as part of a profit-share agreement. Ongoing maintenance is carefully managed by our expert team of engineers; providing site owners peace of mind while they generate passive income and increase footfall on previously underutilised dead space.

Brand Achievements

There are over 4000 Revolution units across the globe in countries including France, Ireland, Japan and Portugal. Thanks to a vast network hundreds of machines strong in the UK, there’s bound to be a Revolution nearby. In fact, if every UK Revolution Laundry machine was equally spaced in a straight line from the top of the island to its bottom, you would pass a Revolution every 1.2 miles. Which is especially useful for Britons enjoying the van life, camping out for a long weekend, or even those doing their weekly groceries at the supermarket and topping up their petrol.


New marketing has seen the Revolution brand promoted with fresh on-site advertising materials including wind flags, bollard covers, banners and leaflets. The most recent Revolution campaign, ‘Anytime, Anywhere, Revolution’, has reached over 500,000 views on YouTube; with the wider campaign being viewed an estimated 8 million times. As well as online promotions, the recent campaign was also promoted at the London Marathon 2022. 

The 'Anytime. Anywhere. Revolution.' campaign of 2022

Did you know?

Our 24/7 ‘Anytime, Anywhere’ is available in more than 70% of our sites across the UK.

Brand Values

Simple. Ecological. High Performance. 

Simple in concept and functionality. Revolution Laundry offers functionality you simply can’t get from your washing machine at home. Our high-performing, industrial-power drums produce rapid and reliable results every time. Benefitting from built-in features to help reduce water and electrical waste, Revolution Laundry prides itself on being ecologically sustainable.

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