Pizza Vending comes to the UK in the form of our new pizza vending machines by Revolution Pizza, designed to warm handmade pizzas using induction technology in less than 5 minutes.

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Revolution Pizza

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Pizza vending innovation in the UK

Pizza vending is an untapped market in the UK, predicted to bring great return to investors due to its novelty. A proven concept in France, we aim to bring pizza vending to the UK in a way that's not been seen before.

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Technical specifications
  • The minimum space required for the machine is: 2.05m high, 1.34m wide, 2m depth
  • Weight: 350kg
  • 2F: single-phase 230V - 16A (in the window) / 24A (as a kiosk). 4F: single-phase 230V - 32A window and kiosk
Revolution Pizza is 45% of the pizza vending market in the UK
  • The induction OVENBOX works with 2 plates, an upper one (the top) and a lower one (the floor).This technology involves "Ovenbox" packaging, which consists of a cardboard box, a tray with a cooked pizza on it (the floor) and a lid (the top).
  • Cardboard pizza box: Aluminium pizza tray x 2 30 cm diameter, parchment paper. Everything is 100% recyclable.
  • There are 4 sites across the UK.
Machine requirements
  • DEAD SPACE to fit the machine. We recommend placing multiple machines and rotating machine placement regularly to avoid fatiguing repeat audiences.
  • SINGLE PHASE ELECTRICITY is all that is needed to supply power.
  • HIGH FOOTFALL we expect all pizza machines to be in close proximity to high footfall (e.g. shopping centres, supermarkets, community spaces).
What we look for in a site to ensure it is successful
Every potential site undergoes a rigorous site survey process undertaken by our BDMs and engineers. Surveys are reviewed by a senior panel to ensure that every site we partner with has high revenue potential.

When we review a site, we consider local demographics and their earning power, local amenities, if the population is stable or transient, and the population’s proximity to the proposed site of the vending unit.
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