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Whether a photo booth, a laundry unit or a kid's ride, our automated self-service machines add value. Hear directly from our partners on how we've helped to bring new and repeat visitors to their retail and community spaces.

Suthakaran, Karan Retail Ltd

"A fantastic organisation! Great customer support from beginning to end of the process. The team are really informed and go the extra mile at every stage. I would recommend them unreservedly. The service is smooth and straightforward. My BDM, Charlotte, was helpful. I would recommend deal direct."

Alison Hall, Kingston Park Community Centre

"All in all we have had lots of interest from people using the machine and it has been a brilliant advertisement for the community centre and helped create a great environment. It has brought more people here and has worked well with the Diner on site as people will get food and drink while they wait for their washing. People are also using the machine now because you can get 3 washing loads done in 40 minutes and people are saving on their own electricity."

Anthony Waters, Fowey Farmshop

"We only had it installed in late July but it is already proving extremely popular and is a great addition to the services we provide. In fact, it was so busy the other day that we had a queue of people waiting to use it. We have a lot of campsites nearby as well as holiday lets and people use it for towels and bedding. Similarly, we get boats moor up and people come off them to use it. The machines are contactless so there is no money for us to count and the engineer ensures everything is working as it should."

Case studies

Partnering with ME Group UK can bring success to your retail space in a number of ways. Explore how our vending solutions have changed the industry, given back to the community, and benefited our partners.
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