Photo-Me has been the market leader in photographic ID for over half a century. The iconic brand known to the British public for its unique visual identity has become synonymous with self-service photo booths.

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Home to the world's most famous photo booths

Since its first photo-booth in 1954, Photo-Me’s self-service vending has provided affordable and convenient solutions for millions of yearly customers.
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Photo-Me at the Holiday Park and Resorts show 2022

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Did you know?

Photo-Me has been the market leader in photographic ID for over half a century.

Photo-Me holds the Guinness World Record for ‘Most people inside a photo booth’ at 7 persons.

In 2022, Photo-Me brand was awarded a UK Superbrand - cementing its place as a heritage brand in the UK.

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In this brand story, we reflect on how Photo-Me became the home of Britain's most famous photo booths

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Starbooth Technical specifications
  • 218 (H) x 150 (L) x 75 (D) cm
  • Power used: Standby 460W Printing 690W
  • Electricity supply: 230 V 50 Hz 6 A
  • Photo size: 10x15 cm
  • 400kg total weight
Photo me is a UK Superbrand™, benefitting from 60 years of operation and market dominance.
  • The Photo-Me brand has been a retail-staple since 1954. Read more here.
  • 8 million customers a year use our photobooths for passport, ID and fun photo services.
  • Our photo booths produce passport and ID photos that are ICAO-compliant (International Civil Aviation Organization) thanks to the exclusive “ID-Photomaton®” patent. Software accredited by the Home Office.
  • Through our partnership with HMPO (His Majesty's Passport Office). We can provide digital photos that are sent directly to the UK passport office to expedite passport renewals.
Machine requirements
  • DEAD SPACE to fit the photo-booth. We recommend placing the machine close to the retail space's exit in clear view.
  • SINGLE PHASE ELECTRICITY is all that is needed to supply power to a photo booth.
  • HIGH FOOTFALL we expect all photo booths to be in close proximity to high footfall (e.g. shops, supermarkets, stations, attractions, post offices).
What we look for in a site to ensure it is successful
Every potential site undergoes a rigorous site survey process undertaken by our BDMs and engineers. Surveys are reviewed by a senior panel to ensure that every site we partner with has high revenue potential.

When we review a site, we consider local demographics and their earning power, local amenities, if the population is stable or transient, and the population’s proximity to the proposed site of the vending unit.
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